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Hear what students and families are saying


Edmonds eLearning Academy has provided me with the opportunity to achieve a quality education while maintaining enough flexibility in my schedule to pursue my personal interests. I’ve been able to devote more time to practicing writing and have managed to complete the rough draft of a book thanks to this school. While one may assume an online education would create distance between teachers and students, that is not the case at all with EeLA. The teachers here are immensely supportive and dedicated to helping their students achieve their academic goals, along with their individual goals. --Kellie M.

Edmonds Elearning Academy has helped me a lot with my school anxiety and stress. It provides a safe environment with fewer students and more mentors to help the students with their work. EeLA has many great teachers that are always willing to help and they're very understanding with the current events happening in the world right now. EeLA has many different class options for all sorts of interests like Veterinary Science and Photography, you usually can't find this in normal public schools. I love how you can work at your own pace and work individually. --Le Sandi N.

As a student, I can say that my favorite part of Edmonds eLearning has been the teachers. It has been so great working with them. They are so incredible and so patient. They always answer my questions no matter what. They are even there if I need someone to talk to. They have helped me so much in my school work. Because of Covid, I have gotten more face-to-face (virtually) time with them, which I have loved because I have been able to get to know them better. I am so grateful that I found this school. It has been my favorite school that I have ever been to!  --LiLi S. 

Now, as a full-time eLearning student, I am able to jump over and dodge many obstacles in life, be more successful than ever before, and unlock my true potential.  --Alan Z.

Edgenuity is a great option for people with all sorts of needs. Whether you need to take just one class to get a credit or you want to work full time at home, Edgenuity works. On top of that, it provides a very flexible schedule that can work for anyone.  --Bryce B. 

Something really helpful about eLearning is being able to do your assignments whenever works best for you. The tutorials are also really clear and straightforward.  --Carly E. 


Edmonds eLearning has been a significant and positive attribute to my daughter's educational journey.  We started eLearning to find a balance between the benefits of homeschooling and quality of district-lead education. My daughter has been with eLearning for three years and has truly flourished! From the easy-to-navigate lessons to personal interaction with the teachers, eLearning provides a way for my daughter to receive a terrific education at her own pace and the ability (in some cases) to progress even further than had she stayed in traditional class instruction. The teachers truly make eLearning a joy and it is obvious that they have a great investment and care for their students’ educational experience.  They want to see them succeed and motivated to do their best! --Suzy S.

I was impressed with my student's ability to work at her own pace and meet with her terrific teacher weekly as she moved through her class. She was able to work independently while being supported by the eLearning teachers. --Pam G.

The Edmonds eLearning Academy program helped keep my daughter afloat academically when she faced severe health challenges in her sophomore year of high school. When she did not have the stamina to attend regular classes or the energy to take a full load of credits, eLearning gave her the flexibility to move forward at home at her own pace. The eLearning staff created a supportive, responsive and nurturing environment that allowed her to succeed. She was able to stay on a college track and eventually graduated just a year later than she would have. She even had the opportunity to walk in a cap and gown to receive her hard-won diploma. I'm sure there are many students whose lives are disrupted for various reasons. For them, eLearning can provide a safety net as well as a path to success. --Providence C.

There is no one-size-fits-all in education! We are very grateful for this modern, creative option for our daughter who is thriving in the eLearning program. While the constraints of a traditional classroom made education a burden, she loves the independence of eLearning. We see our daughter learning and applying the valuable skills of time management, computer competency, and communication. She is excited about learning and eager to study the subjects she has chosen. The lab hours make it possible for her to interact with teachers and other students as well as receive face-to-face help when needed. The flexible schedule allows for opportunities to travel, cultural and other outside the classroom experiences. --Karen G.

Edmonds eLearning allowed my student the flexibility to stay on track at school while dealing with health and family issues. You provide a very safe and caring environment. --Michelle M.