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Program Overview

Our school was founded by Sam Gladstein in 2007. He believed that all students should have an opportunity to be successful in school.  Since that time, the Edmonds eLearning Academy has evolved into a comprehensive high school with more than 300 full-time students and over 900 students served each school year.

Edmonds eLearning Academy is Edmonds School District’s comprehensive online high school. We offer students individually paced, online coursework supported by Edmonds School District teachers in flexible, daily zoom opportunities. Edmonds eLearning Academy offers all course offerings of a comprehensive high school including CTE and World Languages. Students can take both new and/or credit recovery courses.  All student coursework is available via the Internet.  No special equipment is needed to participate other than your student’s district Chromebook and a good internet connection. Classes are semester-based courses for all students.  A student is expected to complete their course within the semester in which they are enrolled.

Edmonds eLearning Academy features a mastery-based program in which students demonstrate their knowledge of the subject area to earn credit. Students can work through their courses at a faster pace, possibly allowing them a chance to complete a second course in a semester if they are motivated to complete their credits quickly.

Students will meet with their Edmonds eLearning Academy teachers online via Zoom. These schedules are published weekly. Students can choose to attend sessions ranging from content-specific sessions, such as math, science, and writing labs, to general drop-in sessions where the student will have an opportunity to meet with a variety of teachers at one time. If they choose, students will also have opportunities to meet with teachers in person at our Campus Resource Center (CRC) at Edmonds eLearning campus located in Bldg. H on the College Place Middle School campus (7501 208th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA).   The CRC is used by students to get face-to-face help from a teacher, meet and work with other online students, discuss issues they are having with their courses with staff, take their final exams, or just have a quiet place to work. 

Online classes provide an option for students to be successful.  However, just as every school or program is not a good fit for every student, the same is true for online classes. Online students should possess the following skills or attributes:

  1. Desire/Willingness to take classes online
  2. Ready access to the Internet
  3. Basic Internet and computer skills (navigate the Internet, email, copy and paste, save a file, use a word processor)
  4. Willingness to communicate with the teacher(s) over email
  5. Ability to be self-motivated
  6. Possess good time management skills
  7. English reading level of 4th grade or higher
  8. Math level of 4th grade or higher