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On-Site and Virtual Student Learning Center Information

Edmonds eLearning Academy students will have a variety of opportunities to work with their Edmonds teachers. In addition, our teachers offer enrichment workshops to increase student's engagement with the course materials, such as science labs, writing centers, career and tech ed, and current events discussions

Campus Resource Center

In-person learning is back! The Campus Resource Center (CRC), our on-campus support classroom, is open Monday-Thursday from 9:45-4:00. Students can drop in at any time to ask questions, get one-on-one help from teachers, or just have a quiet place to work.

The CRC will follow district holiday and half-day schedules.

Help Hub

Students have daily opportunities to meet with EeLA teachers in a variety of zoom sessions. Teachers will be providing online support opportunities through weekly labs and individual appointments. Attending the virtual CRC can provide some structure and help with self-management for our students.  Full-time students are encouraged to attend the CRC or workshop opportunities a minimum of 4 times a week to support continued progress.  


All full-time student will be assigned an Parliament teacher. Students will meet with their class once a week on Wednesdays at a specific time which will be communicated by your parliament teacher. This time will be your opportunity to meet other EeLA students, learn how to be successful in a fully asynchronous, virtual classroom, as well as get to know the teacher who will be your success partner this school year. These classes will be required to attend.