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Student Learning Center Expectations

College Place Middle School Expectations 

Our school is on the College Place Middle School Campus. As a separate school on this campus we must abide by some simple guidelines. We are in the rooms 28-31.These can be directly accessed by the public sidewalk on this street and the path as you pass the office.

  • You may park in the lower College Place Parking Lot (we have student passes for you).

  • Do not walk through the College Place Campus. Stay on the Public Walkways until you pass the office and head to our educational area. This is a big deal! We will have a zero toleration policy with our students on the CPM's main campus. 

  • If you do need to go to the office or outside of our area, please ask permission and get an eLearning badge from a staff member.

Working Environment

We understand that socializing is important to our students. However, our student learning center is a place to work and many of our students attend for the quiet atmosphere. 

  •  Short, quiet conversations are appropriate. If you need to have longer conversations please go outside of the classroom to discuss personal issues or to make phone calls. 

  • Cell phones need to be put away during instructional time. You are welcome to check your text messages or make a phone call outside of the classroom when needed. If you are using a cell phone as a calculator, please ask for permission first. 

  • Students will be given goals to accomplish when they enter the classroom. For example, completing a written assignment or a quiz. Our teachers will instruct students to make sure they are accomplishing their learning goals in a timely manner. If students do not work towards their goals, refuse to work, or are consistently disruptive or on other non-academic sites, they might be asked to leave the Learning Center for the day. 

  • You may listen to music during independent learning. Please bring your headphones if you would like to do this. 

  • Please be courteous to other students in the classroom. Everyone is there for different reasons. We have zero tolerance for bullying (inside or outside of the SLC) or making others feel uncomfortable.

  • No smoking (including vaping). Any student under the influence at the SLC will have the same consequences as the brick and mortar schools. 


eLearning has a zero-tolerance policy for clothes and paraphernalia that is inappropriate for a school setting. If you are wearing inappropriate clothing, you will be asked to turn your clothing inside out (if appropriate/possible) or you may be asked to leave and return in appropriate clothing. If you bring and/or display inappropriate accessories or anything that may be deemed a weapon, you will be asked to surrender the object and/or you may be asked to leave the SLC and return without the item.


 Safety Expectations

  •  If you are a visitor, please check in at our office in room 30.

  • Parents and friends are not allowed to sit in the classroom. If a parent or guardian needs to speak with a teacher or staff member they will need to make an appointment.

  • We will abide by all district safety rules including College Place Fire Drills, Lockdown Drills, etc. If you feel that your student will be traumatized by any of these drills, please let the principal know, and we will do everything we can to let you know ahead of time that these drills will be taking place. 

  • Please stay on the public walkways to enter our building. Do not walk through the main College Place campus.